A document allegedly executed by a notary public was proved to be a fraudulently executed reproduction of a valid document lawfully executed on a previous date. Sufficient evidence provided and analyzed to conclude the document and all related corresponding documents were an irresponsible and fraudulent attempt to acquire ownership of real property. 
Experts opinion continued to be upheld to the New Jersey Supreme Court, without reappearance of the expert in any further court actions, saving thousands in fees.


1)      Any person may acquire or possess notary seals in New Jersey

2)      Proof of Notary Commission not required to acquire a notary seal

3)      Claimant defrauded the State of New Jersey in her application for a notary commission

4)       “Deed” and supporting documents were proved to be a fraudulent execution on the part of the claimant

5)      Multiple notarial acts executed,  yet no evidence of statutory misconduct or fraud on the part of several Commissioned Notaries involved in the documents provided in this case

6)      Multiple codicils contained invalid notarial executions. The Notary Public named on notarial certification did not actually execute any of the documents in question