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Navigating organizational and operational change is uncomfortable and challenging for most of the staff impacted by the changes required.  Whether a change to a process, technology is triggered by an internal business decision or a regulatory/legal requirement, our Consultants understand the full life-cycle of effective organizational change.  From proceduralizing policies or laws, to educating staff impacted, to ensuring all business documents (including consumer-facing communications) comply with the requirements of your organization or regulator.

Traditional "project management" strategies cover milestones determined by the client.  Our approach is to meet all identified milestones, but also identify and uncover risks that are not generally realized until its too late.  While maintaining the desires and goals of the client, we also seek to effectively mitigate risks by accurate analysis, implementation, and ensuring all appropriate stakeholders are clearly and effectively communicated and/or trained throughout every step of the project.

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Enterprise Notary Policies and Procedures

As a nationally recognized notary educator and expert in notary process, from document drafting to post-closing audits, we have provided expert opinions in legal filings and courtroom cases on notary law and process, and documentation with indicia of fraud. Our expert testimony was upheld through the appellate and the New Jersey Supreme Court, saving client $1,000’s in repeat court appearances, with the Supreme Court decision favoring the client.

Our fundamental approach, however, is to avoid litigation entirely by developing strong compliance training for line level notary-employees, and the management teams that supervise them.  Our corporate counsel module has been offered by a nationwide education firm for CLE credit in all states. Course includes instruction on supervision, inspection, and evaluation of notary-employee processes following Department of Justice standards and industry best practices. We provide it directly to your organization at a fraction of the cost (without CLE credits).  You can take advantage of the proven risk mitigation strategies  without significant investment, including all supervisory staff and those who draft documents requiring execution before a notary public.

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