What does “success” mean to you?  I believe it means something different to each person who defines it.

For me, “success” means: making a difference. Whether it is making a difference in the day of one person or in the life of another, success is making that difference. Had someone asked me this same question 10 years ago, they would have gotten a very different answer. As we grow as individuals (professionally, personally, spiritually) this idea of success may likewise evolve. We set our goals and success may take on the form of achieving those goals. But after goals are reached, then what?  What happens when you exceed the goals you set for yourself?

Successful individuals never become complacent; satisfied with their success. Being a part of humanity urges us to continually set personal goals and achieve them. Whether your goal at the moment is reading a classic piece of literature on your bucket list; making a family dinner; a new sales goals; writing that short story you haven’t gotten around to yet; or, taking that time for your own regeneration! Success can easily be argued as achieving each of those goals.

For me, success no longer means reaching those goals. Not anymore. Goal setting/reaching has become a part of my work ethic and is a natural facet of my personality. Success is now making a difference in the life of someone else – if its just making a difference today or providing a tool that will make a difference in their life after today. Success is making a difference.

What does success look like to you?  I would love to hear your comments!